Crown Point Design Services, LLC is comprised of a group of design professionals with over 30 years industry experience, who are committed to making your project a success. Our team derives great satisfaction from creating buildings and spaces where the end users will flourish. Our clients have the advantage of working with a well-rounded team who are experienced in every phase of project delivery. The key to our success is that we engage our clients as business partners not as contractors. We do what needs to be done for our clients to be successful. These projects were designed for the following firms : BRW Architects, The Beck Group, Onicx, Skanska, Horus Construction



Beyond the Concept

Architects, Developers and General Contractors who work with our Interior Designers at Crown Point Design Services are provided with a breadth of choices allowing the focus to make your dreams a reality. Giving priority to promoting your brand to everyone who walks through your door.

Project Management


Strategic Planning

From creating innovative, award-winning designs, Construction cleaning services, Permit Expediting and Project Management; the team at Crown Point Design Services has the foresight to develop and manage both the functional and aesthetic designs that your building needs to stand out.